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Get your accredited Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Certification with PTA Global

PTA Global's CPT is the perfect course to build and solidify your career in the Health and Fitness Industry

PTA Global's NCCA Accredited Certified Personal Training (CPT) education is the first in the industry to be done in collaboration with 26 of the world's most influential and progressive Health and Fitness educators. This educational course is specifically designed to prepare you for a career as a Fitness Professional by empowering you with the necessary skills to be successful immediately.

Choose the right certification option for your needs:

Certified Personal Trainer Course (CPT) Certified Personal Trainer Course (CPT) + Manual NCCA CPT (Exam only) PTAG’s Guide to Personal Training Manual

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The NEW PTA Global Foundations

This PTA Global introduction course will give you the skills to approach and train clients confidently and effectively. Be prepared with the fundamentals that will fast track your training career.

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Enhance your career with PTA Global's continuing education

PTA Global Behavior Change in Exercise Credential

Behavior Change in Exercise (BCE)

An educational credential that enhances and integrates the skill sets of Behavior and Communication, Exercise Programming, and Business Development.

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PTA Global Exercise and Stress Management Credential

Exercise & Stress Management (ESM)

Experience the most revolutionary educational experience in the industry, as you are introduced to a systematic and comprehensive corrective exercise approach of viewing your client through the holistic lens of emotional, lifestyle, and physical observation.

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PTA Global Mindset Performance Credential

Mindset Performance Credential

We'll show you how your mind works, why it works that way, and help you rewire your mindset so you can achieve success for you, your business, and your clients.

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Take your career to the next level with one of our continuing education options:

BCE Credential ESM CredentialBCE + ESM Credentials Mindset Performance Credential

For more information on CECs and to see what PTA Global courses and events have been pre-approved by the respected certifying bodies, visit our CECs page.

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Learn our Systems, Sciences, and Tools

PTA Global is proud to offer a fantastic new range of courses that offer your further continuing education credits (CEC) opportunities and a deep look into what makes the education at PTA Global so special.

Practically Applying Motivation, Movement, and Program Design
(2 CECs)
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Gaining and Retaining Clients
(2 CECs)
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Creating Behavior-Based Programs
(2 CECs)
More information
Personalizing Your Group Training Experience
(2 CECs)
More information

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