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Who Wants You? Developing Your Results- based Clout and Marketing Yourself to Clients

Author: PTA Global | Posted 16 Aug 2017

By Israel Allen

You are in business. Whether it be for yourself or you’re a small part of a large organization, you are in business. Being in business, you must know that you are always marketing. Whether it be intentional or unintentional, you are always marketing. So what product are ...

The Ability to Connect and Where It Can Take You

Author: PTA Global | Posted 09 Aug 2017

By John Polley

Once upon a time...

...There was a PT who started their journey as a gym instructor, aged 36, having previously been a company director in another industry. In the 4 months they served as gym staff, waiting for their chance to don the prized shirt that said ‘Personal ...

Variety, Value and Victory: Unique Movement Enrichment

Author: PTA Global | Posted 02 Aug 2017

by Elizabeth Tretina

You don’t have to produce a PhD in Psychology to gain a deeper connection with your clientele. Building solid relationships with your clients is an ongoing journey no matter how long you have been working together.  When we reflect outside the norm and infuse Variety, our ...

Considerations for Clients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Author: PTA Global | Posted 26 Jul 2017

hand in rainbowBy Emily Sopo

Before we dive into this post, I want to share a piece of information that sheds light on part of why I wanted to write about rheumatoid arthritis (RA):

My mom, Linda Sopo, has RA. She was diagnosed about four years ago after several months of mysterious debilitating ...

Heart Rates Do Not Lie, So Use It to Your Advantage!

Author: PTA Global | Posted 19 Jul 2017

By Priscilla Flynn

As personal trainers, we think we can gauge how well clients cope with the exercise we prescribe by observing quality of movement, sweat level, breathing rate, or their mental/ emotional state. When I started using heart rate (HR) monitors with clients, I encountered a huge wake up ...

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