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Be a fitness catalyst. Boost your brain power.

Author: PTA Global | Posted 18 Oct 2017

By Takeshi Hirata

Despite the wealth of information about exercise and healthy eating, people still fail to implement what they know.  This disconnect left me wondering why change is so hard and what would make it possible to bridge the gap. Seeing our behaviors from a neurochemical stand-point gave ...

Authenticity - Harnessing the Power of YOU

Author: PTA Global | Posted 12 Oct 2017

By John Polley

Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting Ian O’Dwyer at my facility for a two-day workshop. Among many things discussed along the way, Ian asked “Why do people work with you?” to the group. The answer from one participant was, “well, no one has ever asked to ...

Keep a Diary Not a Workout Log

Author: PTA Global | Posted 04 Oct 2017

By Raphael Konforti, MS, CPT

Your phone rings, it’s a number you recognize from someone you know all too well. It’s your client Maria that’s been training off and on for years.

The conversation goes something like this:

“Hello Maria! How have you been?”

“Great, I’m ready to get back at it ...

HRV: The Space Between Beats

Author: PTA Global | Posted 20 Sep 2017

By Catherine Delaney

When it comes to helping a client achieve their goals, the first thing I ask a client about is their diet and exercise habits. These two factors are commonly thought of as the most important components of reaching optimum health. However, as science and technology advances, we ...

Shoulder Mobility and Resistance Training: Basic Do’s and Don’ts for the Fitness Professional

Author: PTA Global | Posted 08 Sep 2017

By Jared Meacham

The shoulders get a lot of attention from fitness professionals- rightly so. If a person trains regularly, chances are their shoulders are getting more work than just about any other part of the body. This could be a great thing, if you’re guiding them with an intelligently ...

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