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6xS Model for Fitness Business Execution

Author: PTA Global | Posted 30 Nov 2017

The 6 Things You Need to Know in Order to Put Your People and Business in a Place to Succeed.

Running a business can be tough at any level.  Whether you are a Personal Trainer, a Fitness Manager, a Gym Owner/Operator or an Entrepreneur, this is part of the ...

Fun and Why You Should Take It Seriously

Author: PTA Global | Posted 16 Nov 2017

By John Polley

Let’s set out our stall early. When we use the word fun, what do we mean? Play and games are certainly in that category, but at the same time, many people describe active experiences as ‘fun’, but they don’t involve smiles and laughter like play. Obstacle races, ...

Don’t Force YOUR Movement Style on Me!

Author: PTA Global | Posted 08 Nov 2017

By Priscilla Flynn

Just because you like barbells, deadlifts and bench press, doesn’t mean your clients do! Likewise playing with a balloon for a heart rate interval might not be everyone’s favourite way to train either. A client’s lack of enjoyment during training has nothing to do with being lazy ...

Training from a Place of Gratitude

Author: PTA Global | Posted 25 Oct 2017

By Emily Sopo

Gratitude is the antidote for entitlement, anger, fear, and frustration. According to the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, “Gratitude is a state of mind that arises when you affirm a good thing in your life that comes from outside yourself, or when you notice and relish little ...

Be a fitness catalyst. Boost your brain power.

Author: PTA Global | Posted 18 Oct 2017

By Takeshi Hirata

Despite the wealth of information about exercise and healthy eating, people still fail to implement what they know.  This disconnect left me wondering why change is so hard and what would make it possible to bridge the gap. Seeing our behaviors from a neurochemical stand-point gave ...

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