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The Biomechanics of Walking

Author: PTA Global | Posted 24 May 2017

By Deborah Savin

In my experience, many clients find a training programme devoid of traditional cardio a difficult pill to swallow. They want to hit the cardio machines in the gym or clock up miles on the open road.

But for some of these same clients running is not possible, at ...

Don’t Use Willpower, Use the Power of Why

Author: PTA Global | Posted 17 May 2017

By Geoff Carter

Statistics show that by now, only 8% of people who made a health-related New Year’s Resolution will have kept to it. The other 92% have thrown in the towel.

The problem is that resolutions rely on willpower. For example, an exercise resolution is often made on the basis ...

How Involving Your Kids Can Be the Best Workout and the Best Fun

Author: PTA Global | Posted 10 May 2017

By Andrew Ellem

Having kids, while being hugely rewarding, is something that takes up a lot of your time; parenting is, after all, a full-time job.

There are a lot of people who already struggle to find the motivation to get to a gym. Adding kids to the mix can often ...

The Benefits of Corrective Exercise

Author: PTA Global | Posted 08 May 2017

By Justin Price

Research indicates that the number one reason people seek the help of a fitness professional is to assist them with alleviating muscle and joint pain.

For this reason, fitness professionals trained in corrective exercise (who successfully integrate these strategies into their business) are reaping the rewards. In ...

Why Variety Makes Everything Better

Author: PTA Global | Posted 03 May 2017

By John Polley

Blanket statements like this usually annoy me, but I really mean this one. I mean it because variety makes variety better and variety makes uniformity better too. Variety enhances mental, emotional, and physical outcomes and experiences, for all humans. If you’ll join me, I’d love to share ...

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