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Nutrition for Beginners: Back to Basics

Author: PTA Global | Posted 27 Apr 2017

When I first became a trainer, I was intimidated when it came to helping people with their nutrition. It sounds silly to admit it now because nutrition is arguably one the most important factors when it comes to getting results. Over time, I have found that working with people ...

Matching Intensity to a Client’s Daily Reality

Author: PTA Global | Posted 24 Apr 2017

By Hayley Hollander

Imagine you head to the beach for a sun-filled day of fun, only to arrive and see the red flag is out. The red flag changes our mindset and we get bummed out. We are paralyzed that our idea of fun in the sun has somehow changed ...

Designing an Exceptional Personal Training Experience with Culturally Diverse Populations

Author: PTA Global | Posted 19 Apr 2017

By Takeshi Hirata

Our world has become more globalized, driven by technological advancement and changes in the economic landscape. There is a growing need to develop a set of skills that help you to successfully craft culturally-sensitive fitness services for the people who don’t act/think/look like you.

Over the last 10 ...

A Practical Workout Program for 2, 3, or 4 Days Per Week

Author: PTA Global | Posted 12 Apr 2017

By Brandon Roberts, PhD

Life gets hectic. Not everyone has time to train five or six days a week. Even if you can train that much it’s difficult to recover from all those workouts.

An important thing to remember is that we generally adapt to our training on the days we ...

Off the Beaten Track: Incorporate the Great Outdoors in Your Training

Author: PTA Global | Posted 05 Apr 2017

By Andrew Ellem

I love to run. I've always enjoyed running

Well...almost always.

Once upon a time I found that I’d had enough with running. What I didn't realise at the time was that it wasn't running that had lost its appeal, it was the type of running.

After taking a break, I ...

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