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Changing Lives – One Habit at a Time

Author: PTA Global | Posted 19 Jan 2018

By Chaz Pinna

As a long time personal trainer, I understand the importance of successfully guiding clients towards achieving their goals. When a client shows up for a training session, they are looking for direction and help with their workout. What if there was a way to inspire bigger changes? ...

The Benefits of Walking on Health and Wellbeing in Older Women

Author: PTA Global | Posted 10 Jan 2018

By Debora Savin 

Older Women – A Growing Population

Since the year 2000, the world’s population has increased by 22%. Over the same period, the number of women aged 45-60 has increased by 55%; the number aged 75+ has increased by 72%(1). As a population, older women are re-inventing mid-life ...

Ready for Anything – How To Prepare for the Toughest Challenges

Author: PTA Global | Posted 05 Jan 2018

By Andrew Ellem

What are the toughest challenges?

For many people, defining “the toughest challenges” might not be so easy. So I asked around. After gathering my responses, the nutshell definition I'm going to put to you all is that the toughest challenges are the ones we are not conditioned or ...

Initial Adaptations to Strength Training

Author: PTA Global | Posted 20 Dec 2017

By Brandon Roberts

It’s the end of the year and while writing your goals for 2018, you jot down one based on exercise. It might be to start going to the gym more regularly or to start a new fitness program. What exactly happens in those first few months? We ...

8 Tip on Creating Awesome Instagram Content for Fitness Professionals

Author: PTA Global | Posted 14 Dec 2017

By Takeshi Hirata

Although social media has never been my thing, I needed to break out of my comfort zone to take my business to the next level by growing my social media presence. The longer I waited, the more I had to lose. I knew I had to start ...

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