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When Your Client Finishes Their Session Here’s What Really Matters

Author: PTA Global | Posted 21 Jun 2017

By Raphael Konforti

As you wrap up the session your client gets up from foam rolling and like clockwork there’s a big sweaty imprint of their body on the ground.  Most people would think it’s gross, but as a trainer there’s a kind of twisted satisfaction you get from ...

Why “a Knee” Is Rarely a Knee

Author: PTA Global | Posted 14 Jun 2017

man holding kneeBy John Polley

It always baffled me, before I got into movement as an occupation, why people with “bad knees” took up cycling. They have a so-called knee problem, and their solution is to take up a sport that involves putting MORE force through the knees!

Why, I asked these earnest ...

Why Won’t My Client Foam Roll?

Author: PTA Global | Posted 07 Jun 2017

By Chaz Pinna

It is a very simple question: why won’t my client foam roll?

Have I not asked nicely enough?

With everything else we try to tell our clients on a daily basis, foam rolling always seems to be lost. Foam rolling is usually the missing activity in an ...

Using Facebook Groups to Create an Environment for Change within Group Personal Training

Author: PTA Global | Posted 05 Jun 2017

By Camilla Dempster

Group personal training is more cost effective for your members and provides you with increased income potential per hour. The expectation of the client is to gain results fast, and within this blog I’ll explore with you one of my favorite ways to provide that environment for ...

HIIT: Who, What, When, Why, How?

Author: PTA Global | Posted 01 Jun 2017

Meredith workingoutBy Meredith Butulis

Stair sprints, Tabata, kickboxing, Crossfit, Insanity, bootcamp, plyometrics...High intensity interval training (HIIT) has entered mainstream fitness. It has come to us in so many varieties!

Consumers want the “quick fix,” and they want it now.

As a professional fitness trainer, are you feeling a bit caught up in all ...

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